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Every one of my neighbors experienced many problems with their systems over the years and in some cases had to have their septic tanks replaced or at minimum pumped on a regular basis. By regular I mean every three months or so, the normal time interval for a pumping would be a year. The problem is that everyone including myself had their washing machines emptying into their septic tanks which in the septic world is the kiss of death! When the soap from the washing machine cools down, it solidifies causing the holes in the leaching pit to clog and allowing the water to back into the septic tank and then into the house. Not a very pretty sight! Eventually, everyone started to divert the washing machine waste in some creative ways. Some had dry wells installed in their backyards while others ran a 3″ piece of p.v.c. pipe under their front lawns and out thru the curb into the street. It wasn’t legal but it did solve the septic tanks from prematurely backing up into your house.


It’s World Toilet Day! What might sound like just another silly social media holiday is in fact an incredibly important, globally recognized day for raising awareness of the sanitation crisis crippling so many places worldwide.This year’s theme is Toilets and Jobs: A lack of toilets at work and at home has severe impacts upon businesses through problems in the workforce: poor health, absenteeism, attrition, reduced concentration, exhaustion, and decreased productivity. Loss of productivity due to illnesses caused by lack of sanitation and poor hygiene practices is estimated to cost many countries up to 5% of GDP. Investing in good toilets in workplaces and schools so that women and girls have clean, separate facilities to maintain their dignity, and to manage menstruation or pregnancy safely, can boost what is often referred to as the ‘girl effect’: maximising the involvement of half the population in society. – http://www.worldtoiletday.info The link between plumbing and health is something we’ve explored a few times on this blog (see our posts on World Plumbing Day Gordontheplumber.com Villa Park IL 60181 , World Water Day , and World Health Day ), as well as in the Plumbing & Health article at our sponsor site. We understand that we’re fortunate to live in a society that has the stability and wealth to build and maintain an overwhelmingly safe and effective sanitation infrastructure. In our small way, we hope our efforts to inform and educate will motivate readers and customers alike to reflect upon this somewhat unique position in the world. The sanitation crisis is not intractable, but substantial progress will require all of us to acknowledge its prevalence and its threat.


Back Pressure: Pressure that resists the flow of fluid in a piping system. Back-siphonage: negative pressure in the piping system which results in backflow. Commonly prevented with a vacuum breaker or air gap. Backup: Overflow of a plumbing fixture due to drain stoppage. Baffle:An object placed in an appliance to change the direction of, or slow down the flow of air, gases or water. Balancing Valve: A water heater valve that controls water flow and balances heat distribution to different locations. Ball Check Valve: A valve that uses a ball to seal against a seat to stop flow in one direction. Ball Joint: A spherical assembly in shower heads that allows the head to pivot and rotate. Ballcock: A valve in the tank of a gravity-operated toilet that controls refilling of the tank.


Hot water leaks waste power in addition to water. One drip per secondly of hot water prices you $2 to $4/mo. to warmth water that you’ll never ever use. Acquire a much more reliable water heater. Less expensive heating systems cost much less at the establishment, however they set you back even more to run. Pay a bit more and get a heater that uses much less energy. The repayment time is frequently regarding 6-7 years, so you most likely do not would like to change a heater that’s still functioning okay, however when your present heater offers up the ghost, that’s a great time to upgrade. If you’ve presently obtained electrical you might have simply damp yourself when you saw the amount of more affordable gas is, so just before you run out and go with gas right here’s the catch: If your home does not already have gas lines, you’re considering a king’s ransom to have them mounted– hundreds to thousands of dollars. Other, if you don’t already have gas solution, when you obtain it you’ll pay regarding $12/mo. for the opportunity of being a customer of the gas company, which will certainly negate a big piece of your savings.


Eisenhauer acknowledges that, as in other maintenance and construction industries, attracting qualified and suitable people to work as plumbers is difficult. “I don’t have a pipeline for techs, unfortunately.” For those the company does hire on, there is no shortage of work: The Sunny Plumber offers true, live-dispatched 24/7 service. Technicians roll out in the company’s fleet of 43 trucks. Most of the trucks are fully equipped Nissan V2500 high-top models, which are deemed to be ideal because a water heater can be stood upright in them. Some repair specialists, as Eisenhauer describes the most experienced techs on the team, drive smaller units and are being transitioned to the standard-top version of the V2500. Some of the same societal changes that make it difficult to find blue-collar employees are having impact on customers, too, but not as one might expect. The cultural preoccupation with electronic gadgetry has in some ways made homeowners more, rather than less, likely to roll up their sleeves and attempt plumbing repairs on their own, Eisenhauer says. “Today’s homeowners are not less hands-on. If anything, they are more hands-on. They’ll watch some video and, by golly, they are now a plumber. Then we get the calls.


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